Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I rent?

1. Browse Toys and build your wishlist.
2. Choose your membership plan (Silver, Gold, Platinum) as per your need.
3. Receive Toys at your doorsteps.

  • Any Delivery Charges

There are no delivery charges. Once you place an order online, Rentoys will confirm your order and the toys will be delivered at your doorstep free of charge.

  • How fast will I receive my toys?

You can check availability dates for toys through our online dashboard, after login. We will make sure you receive toys as per the schedule.

  • Can I pick up?

You can. Call Rentoys and inform about pick-up date/time. However we encourage our members to take advantage of our free home/pickup delivery option.

  • Can I make an extension?

If your child likes the toy, you can keep the toy as long as you want.  However we suggest you to keep rotating at least once a month to get more variety during subscription period.

  • Can I book the toys in advance?

We cannot guarantee the condition of toy when it will be returned. Hence do not take any advance bookings of rented out toys.

  • How do I Pay?

Cash/Cheque on delivery and online payment using credit card/ debit card/ bank transfer.

  • I want to return toys I hold

Login to your account and order new toys. You will be asked to return the toys you want to return before order confirmation.

  • What is refundable deposit?

1. Refundable deposit is security money which is refunable at the time of discontinution of Rentoys membership. The refundable deposit vary depending on the plan.

  • Do I need to clean the toys at time of return?

Rentoys promotes sharing among kids where toys are shared among members. We request you to dry clean the toys before you return.

  • What if a toy breaks or parts of a toy are lost?

Rentoys keeps only branded & durable toys that is difficult to damage. However in case the toy is broken or any part is lost then Rentoys try to replace the broken/lost parts and charge the replacement parts only. If we are not able to replace the parts, the cost of the toy (depending on toy's' condition) would be borne by the member.

  • What should I do if a toys breaks or parts of a toy lost?

Call Rentoys center (Mon-Sat; 10 AM - 6 PM) and we will assist you with the process.

  • Can I gift Rentoys plans to my friend/family members?

Rentoys offer gift voucher for different occasions. Call Rentoys center (Mon-Sat; 10 AM - 6 PM) and we will assist you with the details.

  • Can I try this before subscribing?

Rentoys offer you a Trial Pack, in case you would like to get the feel of the products, services & benefits, before you sign up for longer association. The period of trial pack could be maximum of 1 month. This is also good to meet your toys need, In case you are expecting little visitors during vacations.

  • Can I buy the toys that I have rented?

Being a Rentoys member, you have an option to buy the same toys or we can help you purchase fresh pieces of the same toy and you can also avail of attractive discounts. Call Rentoys and we will help you with your purchase.

  • Do you have toys for party occasions as well?

Call Rentoys and share your requirements. And we will help you with our recommendation.

  • How soon will I get my deposit money back, in case I decide to discontinue my subscription?

Call Rentoys center in your city and inform us the expected membership discontinution date and Rentoys would schedule the pickup of the toys accordingly. Once toys are back to center, we will be checking the condition of the toys. After the verification, the deposit money would be couriered to you by a cheque in 3-4 days time. Please inform us of the new address, in case of any change.

  • The toy delivered to me is not in working condition. How should I inform Rentoys?

Rentoys recommend to check the toys at the time receiving and inform us within 24 hours, if it's not in working condition. You can notify Rentoys by calling/sending email to customer care. Any damages notified post 24 hours would be considered as damage at customers side and cost of repairing/buy would be charged to the customer.

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