• How soon will I get my deposit money back, in case I decide to discontinue my subscription?

Call Rentoys center in your city and inform us the expected membership discontinution date and Rentoys would schedule the pickup of the toys accordingly. Once toys are back to center, we will be checking the condition of the toys. After the verification, the deposit money would be couriered to you by a cheque in 3-4 days time. Please inform us of the new address, in case of any change.

  • The toy delivered to me is not in working condition. How should I inform Rentoys?

Rentoys recommend to check the toys at the time receiving and inform us within 24 hours, if it's not in working condition. You can notify Rentoys by calling/sending email to customer care. Any damages notified post 24 hours would be considered as damage at customers side and cost of repairing/buy would be charged to the customer.

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