In present time, where kids get easily influenced by animated movies and cartoon characters, love to play its toys -each available model what they see in toy shop, we've found RenToys a good option that let us fulfill our kid's wish in an economically feasible way. Sometimes it becomes very difficult for us to select a toy for our son that we know he would really enjoy. RenToys solved this problem also for us with their 'Try before you buy' policy. All the best to Rentoys !!
- Sanjeev Saxena (HSR Layout)
We had a houseful of toys and yet my kids were unhappy. Rentoys was the answer to our prayers. Now we have the best of both worlds. Our kids enjoy new toys frequently and yet the clutter in the house is gone. What a brilliant idea!! Hope to see Rentoys keeps growing and helping out more people like us.
- Deepak Rao (HSR Layout)
Fantastic Idea for those young chaps of today who get quite bored with a toy within 3 days! And, a cost-effective way to boot! Keep up the good work.
- Dr. Sudarsh Kailash (Hebbal)
I appreciate your service & idea to provide the branded toys at a fair rent price. This is really a wonderful to watch the kid not just playing with variety of toys but learning faster compare to the other kids who don't using the Rentoys service ;) Thank you so much for your quick delivery of toys and excellent collection of branded toys. All the best.
- Mukesh Patil (New Thippasandra)
We really think "Rentoys" is a fantastic idea and a great initiative. It is very useful for our baby, who not only gets to play with various interesting toys but also gets exposed to learnings that each unique toy brings with it. Before we opted for "Rentoys", we were spending huge amount of money in buying these imported toys, which would become useless over a period as our baby grew over them. Thanks to "Rentoys" all such issues are resolved.
- Abhishek Rastogi (Kasturi Nagar)
I have been a member of rentoys for around 2 months now and am very happy with the cleanliness of the toys. I would also like to appreciate the promptness of rentoys in delivering the toys at my residence. I am truly able to provide my daughter with a wide variety of toys. Thanks Rentoys!
- Bhagavathi (Yelahanka)
It's really a nice concept and managed really well. I Would suggest all the parents to pls try Rentoys once and see ... I am very much sure you will like it. I have recommended to all of my friends and they are now rent toys member
- Preeti (Ezipura)
Kids have their own ways of saying \"Thank You\" even when they do not yet know to speak. My wife and I have had many such proud moments with our daughter and those were when she played with her favorite toys we rented from here. Rentoys is changing the way kids grow n learn while they play. Quality, variety, feasibility, you name it and it's all there with Rentoys. Been a member since the inception and my kid drives me to be one forever. All those parents who yearn for those proud moments while it is lighter on the pocket...Rentoys is where your search ends.
- Ravi (HSR Layout)
My son simply loves the Wobbly lion toy which I picked from Rentoys. He waits for new toys to come, and I find it quite easy to introduce new toys to him at a regular basis at lesser cost. This idea is very innovative and good. Keep it going. I wud like to avail this service for years and years to come.
- Anantha (Jayanagar)
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