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It’s never too early to start reading to kids

Mark Zuckerberg’s post rippled across the entire Internet when he shared a photo of him reading a book about quantum physics to his new-born baby. Can you believe that? A newborn being taught about ‘Quantum Physics’! Is he getting into pressurizing his kid to learn sooner than other kids?

Mark Zuckerberg reading quantum physics

The answer is absolutely not. In fact, reading should start when your child is in your womb.

When parents talk, read, and sing with their babies and toddlers, connections are formed in their young brains. These connections build language, literacy, and social–emotional skills at an important time in a young child’s development. These activities strengthen the bond between parent and child.”

American Academy of Pediatrics

It’s never too early to start reading to an infant

It is actually in these first months and years that early reading skills are developing. Literacy starts with a love of, and interest in, books. The goal at this age is for your child is to have pleasurable and positive experiences with books so that she wants to keep learning about them. So go ahead and provide your child with chunky board books or soft cloth books that she can safely look at, chew on, and read with you. Choosing sturdy books like these means that you don’t have to say “no” or take the book away, which may build negative feelings about book play. Let her explore books in the ways he/she knows how right now.

How to start

At Rentoys, we receive a lot of queries that our child is too young to read books or that she tears the pages so we have stopped giving books to her. This is what we advise our customers to create a positive environment that supports reading and bonding.

  1.  Start with board books that are sturdy and not easy to tear. Let your kid flip pages as she would like to do that.
  2. Kids are great learners. So talk about the pictures in the books. Don’t just read line by line. Instead feel free to deviate from the storyline and make stories of your own. You will be amazed to see the response of your kid next time you read the same book.
  3. Just like adults, kids like predictable outcomes. So, don’t feel shy about reading the same book every day for at least 2 weeks.
  4. Make books a part of daily routine. Books are not just for bedtime. Always carry a couple of books in your bag to keep your little one busy at a grocery store, a doctor visit etc.
  5. Subscribe to our board books rental plan. This way you wouldn’t have to shell out a lot of money to buy books and you will get to read board books from award-winning authors to your little one.

What other people think about reading to infants

Here are few online resources from early learning experts sharing a similar sentiment.

Why It’s Never Too Early To Start Reading to Your Baby

It’s Never Too Early to Start Reading to Your Baby