Whole new colourful 3D Magnetic building set

Magna-Qubix, a whole new set from Magna-Tiles feature an array of new shapes including cubes, prisms and pyramids and more. Not only can your children make symmetrical shapes, animals and towers, but they can learn geometry too! Possibilities are endless! Each ‘click’ of Magna-Qubix fuses math, science, and creativity.

Your children can build anything they can dream. It’s a rocket ship! It’s a dog! No, it’s Magna-Qubix! Sparks hours of imaginative free play in children.  Let’s start building.

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Have you ever built a rhombicuboctahedron?

Reptangles is an amazing blend of open-ended and STEM toy encouraging young minds to explore the world of geometry, design, and construction.

These building turtles are a SNAP! Children quickly advance their skills, first building simple polyhedra and then advancing to complex polyhedra. 2 Reptangles can connect in 100+ combinations! Flip, slide, turn, connect, combine, build – evoke innovation & curiosity. Once they start creating, children forget these are turtles with purpose!

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Imagination + magnets = Imaginets in beautiful patterns

It’s time to boost your child’s fine motor and visual-thinking skills with this strategic building tool!

These brightly-colored wooden magnetic blocks can be arranged on the board to replicate any of the 50 full-color puzzles, such as animals, faces, vehicles, flowers, structures and more! As each pattern becomes more challenging, patience and confidence is gained through trial and error. Once recreating the patterns has been mastered, creativity takes over through free play. Imagination Patterns inspires hours of continuous play!

Let the little ones’ imagination go wild building their colorful creations on a magnetic board.

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Let’s park all the cars in the garage!!!

Stack 10 wooden cars in this gated parking tower and top them with the sliding counter. Then see the cars drop down and the counterpoint to a lower number each time a car is removed from the bottom!

With its imaginative design details and wonderfully simple mechanics, this clever toy is a captivating, educational way to inspire all kinds of learning from counting and color recognition to sorting and vocabulary building.

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Ever fancy combining a toy car with a boat? A toy plane with a train? Think it! Build it!

Anything is now possible with Mix or Match Vehicles Set by Popular Playthings.

The unique magnetic locking system makes assembly a snap; allowing kids to build then disassemble only to rebuild a whopping 1000 new designs. Mix and mash-up the distinctive interlocking pieces for a car, boat, plane, and train to design and build the fantasy vehicle of your most original imaginings.

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Check Mix or Match Vehicles Police

Check Mix or Match Vehicles Fire & Rescue

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