Book Review : Dear Zoo

By Rod Campbell

The book is about a letter to the zoo from a child who wants a pet. They send various different animals, all of which prove unsuitable for one reason or another the elephant is too big, the lion too fierce, the giraffe too tall, the monkey too naughty.

Finally, the zoo send a puppy: “He was perfect! I kept him.” And simple as they sound those last few words never fail to bring childish, happy, and satisfied smiles.


With a flap to lift on every page, this interactive board book encourages the reader to try to guess what the zoo has sent to the child in the story. Each animal is hidden in a flap in the shape of a crate or a box which the reader must open to find out what is behind it.

Also, a little part of the animal is visible to provides clues as to what the animal behind the flap might be. The book gives you open discussions about the characteristics of different animals.

Books add magic to a child’s life. Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell is one of the very first MUST READ books for your child…
With attractive pictures and interactive flaps, this board book grabs the attention of little minds and helps them learn animal names in a simple way. Add magic to their learning experience with creative craft ideas plus toys and enhance your child’s creativity with engaging storytelling☺️

Toys in the picture:

Safari Blockmates

Animal Upon Animal Game

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Book Review: There is NO DRAGON in this story

By Lou Carter; Illustrated by Deborah Allwright

Someday or the other we all want a change from every day and expected…to branch out and try something new, to break our fated mould and challenge a long-held trope.

Well, this is exactly what Dragon tries to do. Poor Dragon is tired of being the villain all the time and doesn’t feel like capturing any princesses or being defeated by any knights. So, he decides to go in search of another story where he can be a hero. The Gingerbread Man doesn’t want him, Little Red Riding Hood doesn’t want him – everyone in the fairy tale world says the same answer :
‘No, no, no, that’s not how it goes. There is NO DRAGON in this story.’

Will he ever find a story where he can be the hero?🐉


Finally, in an act of desperation, the dragon becomes muddle up with Jack, the beanstalk and a sneezing Giant.



Suddenly, the fairy tale world casts into darkness when the sun is accidentally blown out by Giant’s sneeze. Sitting in the darkness, it finally occurs to all the Fairytale characters that actually, perhaps exactly what they need is a dragon in this story💡

Aahhh that shining moment arrives and dragon gets a chance to break out of his stereotypically assigned role. “I can’t…Can I? Can I?! I Can!!!”

It’s a wonderful story to teach a child about breaking all the stereotypes and confidently come up as a hero to save the world. Beautiful illustrations sure keep the kids engaged…


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