Announcing the birth of our new baby

This is Ankit & Dolly from Rentoys. All good things must come to an end…and be replaced with something much better 🙂

We feel thrilled to announce the new version of Rentoys. It’s another step in our master plan to shape the future of play.

The foundation for new Rentoys was laid when we moved to the US for a couple of years and were looking for ways to keep our 1-year old engaged. We were simply amazed by the quality and the selection of toys in the local toy lending libraries. We witnessed first-hand how smart and educational toys can really accelerate a child’s learning curve. Our son developed fine motor skills and learned the shapes, numbers, alphabets, colors, and animals (dinosaurs became his favorite) – all from the rented toys. The toys were so engaging that even we could play with them for hours.

Not spending a single dollar on buying toys and watching our son grow through play inspired us to transform Rentoys into a much bigger mission. As Manoj and Neeta – founders of Rentoys – will now continue to mentor us throughout this journey, we feel both humbled and lucky to be able to add value to their core vision. Below are some of the great features of new Rentoys.

Awesome play experience
Play with 300+ award-winning educational toys and kids books curated from all around the world.

Pay per use
Get freedom from monthly commitment and registration charges. Pay only when you order. Skip a month and cancel any time.

Delivering pan-India
Place an order for anywhere in India and we will deliver to your doorsteps.

Feeling excited?

Rentoys is committed to helping children learn and grow through play, and making every day a new discovery. We are confident that you and your kid/niece/nephew would thoroughly enjoy playing with our toys and books.

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