Book Review: The Mixed-Up Chameleon

By  Eric Carle 

“Be happy with who you are”- a very important message conveyed by “The Mixed-Up Chameleon🦎” in a very simple way.

The Mixed-Up Chameleon by Eric Carle is a story of a chameleon who is pretty much like any other chameleon you might come across.

One day, he goes to the zoo and is amazed by all those different animals it sees. He looks around and the fun starts. He sees a polar bear and wishes he was as big and white as that. Bang! His wish comes true.

He sees a flamingo and wishes he was as beautiful as that. Bang! Again wish comes true

and he grows wings and flamingo legs. And he continues wishing until he ends up with fish fins, deer antlers, a giraffe’s neck, a tortoise’s shell, an elephant’s face, and trunk and a pair of seal flippers (see picture below). Suddenly he sees a fly. Our chameleon friend is hungry but how can he possibly get at the fly in his current state? He wishes he was itself again. And bang! His wish comes true.

And he uses his super sticky tongue to eat the fly!





Full of bright colors and attractive illustrations, the story keeps the child attached to it. And yes, with a lovely life lesson it touches the souls of elder ones too…

With the color mixing activity and including Build n Play Safari Animal toy by  wonderworld_toys as the cherry on top, you can make the read more engaging and pass on the message to the child in a simple way. Hope you like our book recommendation☺️

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