A different toy library in Pune

Receive a monthly subscription box of open-ended toys and books on rent all over Pune.

We have award-winning wooden toys, Legos, STEM toys, Montessori toys, family games of International & Indian branded toys on rent for your kid's playful learning

How Rentoys Works

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What's in a Toy box?

A unique experience!
1-3 toys worth Rs 5,000 in the small box plan or 3-5 toys worth Rs 10,000 in the big box plan.

The number of toys in a box varies by the MRP of the selected toys. e.g. in the small box plan, you can get 4 toys worth Rs. 1250/- each or 2 toys worth Rs. 2500/- each. You are free to choose any toy from our entire collection.

What's in a Book box?

5 Books of your choice. Choose any book from our entire collection.

This is why we are awesome

With uncertaintly around lockdowns across country, we have stopped taking new subscriptions until further notice.

Do you know we don't charge for toy breakage or late returns!

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