10 toys your 1-2 year-old must play with

As a parent of a 1-2 years old, have you ever faced difficulty choosing the right toy? It happens with most of us. We have to think about multiple factors such as whether the toy is safe, non-toxic, high-quality, learning-based, and how long can it keep our toddler engaged.

This is why we have compiled a list of 10 toys that will help your 1-2-year-old toddler experience a holistic development.

2 toys to develop fine motor skills

“At this age, your baby is fascinated by cause-and-effect and will enjoy any toy that responds to his/her actions and makes use of newly acquired motor skills," says psychologist Robin Goodman, director of NYU Child Study Center.

SpinAgain is one such toy that can make your toddler jump with excitement with each wheel spinning up and down the rod. It is a great toy to develop hand-eye coordination.

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Hape’s Pyramid of Play not only involves simple block play but planning out the action and matching shapes.

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2 toys to develop gross motor skills

Your little dynamo probably doesn't need much encouragement when it comes to using gross motor skills – actions like walking, jumping, and running. Good educational toys allow toddlers to use this energy, channelize it, and learn something in the process.

Alphapup by Leapfrog is sure to become your kid’s favourite pal who will teach alphabets and phonics sounds while on the go.

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Walk-along-snail encourages little legs to get moving while exploring different shapes. You child can pull the snail along and watch the tail wiggle,  the shell spin, and listen to the blocks rattle. The shell can also be played as a separate shape and color sorter.

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2 toys to develop Creative and Imaginative skills

For 1-2 years old toddlers, toys can encourage imagination and creativity using block-play, patterns, and colors. 

Vehicle Blockmates are designed to enhance the original principles of block-building. Your child can build amazing community vehicles by themselves or mix and match to create new and imaginative vehicles.

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Cordoba building blocks: Your child will fall in love with this block toy from Haba. It has blocks with a rattle, bell, mirror, and prism which can boost your child’s creativity and imagination to a new level.

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2 toys to develop Communication skills

During this age, toddlers absorb language at a rapid rate. They use gestures to get their ideas across, and it's common for them to invent words for special objects.

Learn Emotions toy teaches your child to name, identify, and even regulate their emotions with magnetic fun. The ability to recognize and understand emotions and their association with colors provides invaluable depth to everyday play.

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Fun Feelings Monster: With this Fisher-Price toy, babies discover how different feelings look & sound!! When babies bat at their monster friend's roller face, he'll express three common feelings (happy, sad and surprised) with fun sounds that help little ones fully understand the mood.

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2 toys to develop STEM skills

It’s never too early to introduce your child to STEM toys. STEM learning helps make your child better problem-solvers and learners.

Grippies Builders: “First STEM toy for toddlers” is a wonderfully made toy from Guidecraft. It helps in discovering the joy of building 3-D creations along with teaching your child tactile skills.

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Tiggly Shape: Tiggly Shapes pairs physical toys with digital apps on the iPad or Android tablets, and goes beyond traditional learning technology in a developmentally appropriate and exciting new way for preschoolers. It will help your kids in learning spatial reasoning, motor skills, language, and creativity in an innovative way.

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One of the most thrilling milestones comes in the second year of your child where he/she is beginning to move from babyhood to become a toddler. So, we suggest exposing your child to toys - big or small, wooden or plastic - that have some learning.

And, get ready for another year of a roller-coaster ride!