Meet Totbot - Kids new robot friend

This robot is a great tool for teaching colors, shapes & numbers.

Count & Build TotBot

by Learning Resources

Do you have a child that likes to build, create and use their fine motor skills? 

The new Count and Build TotBot will help young children learn their numbers, shapes, and colors while working on the fine motor skills necessary to twist and turn the bolts on their new robot friend.

Children definitely have a blast using an easy-to-hold wrench to build their very own robot.

Rent starts 849 for a box of toys worth Rs. 5,000/-

Watch Count & Build TotBot in action

Educational Benefits

Color recognition, Shape recognition, Number recognition, Counting, Numerical order, Eye-hand coordination, Sequential thought, Motor planning

Great for little hands

Chunky, durable pieces have been specifically designed for little hands and will help to develop early counting skills. Includes 2-piece totbot, 5 number and shape nuts, 1 detachable bolt, and 1 wrench.

The perfect introduction to problem solving and construction!

Multiple variations are created by twisting and stacking the colourful numbered shape pieces on to the connector between the TotBot™’s head and body. Let the little builders have fun!!!

Product Details


1-3 Years




Not required


5 Color, Number, and Shape Pieces
2 Piece TotBot
1 Connector bolt
1 Wrench