Experience a day on a farm!!!

Create your own farmyard story as you play!

Farmyard Sound Puzzle

by Hape

Solve the Farmyard Sound Puzzle by matching the farm animal pieces by colour, shape and sound.

Five farm animals and a farmer make up this unconventional new puzzle from Hape. Place the pieces in the frame standing up to complete this picture and hear the sounds of life on a farm. If you hear the animals make some noise, you know you put them in the right place

Rent starts 849 for a box of toys worth Rs. 5,000/-

Classic Puzzle with a Twist

The pieces stand upright and can be used with the puzzle board, or separately paired and played with other toys.

Musical Features Included

Place these farm animals back in their place on the puzzle board for exciting farmyard sounds

What sounds do these animals make?

Ready to find out when you put the pieces in their correct spot!

Product Details


9mo-3 Years




Not required


1 Puzzle Board
6 Stacking pegs