Monsters have feelings, too!

Introduce your little ones to feelings & expressions

Feelings Monster

by Fisher Price

With the Fisher-Price® Fun Feelings Monster, babies discover how different feelings look and sound…and learn that they can change quickly!

When babies bat at their monster friend’s roller face, he’ll express three common feelings—happy, sad, and surprised—with fun sounds that help little ones more fully understand the mood.

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Watch Feelings Monster in action

Feelings can change quickly, too!

With just a bat, baby can send the little monster's roller face spinning and gets to see what each feeling looks like and how it sounds.

Award-winning toy

See what develops

And with bright colors, soft & squishy arms, and textured ribbon hair, this adorable monster offers tons of sensory stimulation to excite and engage your baby’s developing senses

​How are YOU feeling?

It should be no surprise that monster's sweet face (or faces) & the sounds for each emotion help teach baby about feelings! Let those feelings out!

Product Details


6mo-2 Years




Requires 2 AA
Included in the box


1 Monster