• Renting

  • Why should I rent toys?

    Smart and Educational toys are getting costly

    The world of play is changing with toys getting smarter day by day. Market researcher Juniper Research claims that all the toys will have some type of smart technology by 2020. This fundamental shift in the play space is helping parents by providing a guided learning path to the kids, however, it has also caused a sharp rise in toy prices. Even today, such smart educational toys are very costly and can go for ₹5000+ a piece. Now, you may not feel the heat if buying toys were a one-time expense. However, this is hardly the case.

    Toys become useless in a maximum of one month

    A toy appeals to a kid only for a month because of a couple of reasons:
    1. Kids can explore all the features of a toy in a maximum period of one month. Then they look for something else to stimulate their mind.
    2. Kids grow out of the toys because their learning needs change every month between the age of new born and 3 years. For example, at nine months, kids want to pat, stroke and prod toys and at 10 months they love to hide and drop them. Kids learn through play and if a toy is too advanced, or not advanced enough, they stop playing with that toy.

    Buying toys clutter the house

    Buying toys frequently is not only costly but also leads to another problem – toy clutter. A leading British research firm found that an average 10-year old owns 238 toys but plays with just 12 daily. So, where do the other 226 toys go? Raising children is difficult enough, and parents don’t need clutter working against them in this task. If they want tidy children, it's better to own fewer toys.

  • I am concerned about playing with used toys

    If you are comfortable allowing your kid to put a spoon in his/her mouth at a fine-dine restaurant, then there is nothing to worry about renting toys from Rentoys.

    Rentoys is obsessed with toy cleanliness

    Rentoys sanitizes and cleans all the toys with a 3-step process. First, all the toys except wooden toys are steam cleaned at 200 degrees to kill germs and bacteria. Then, a kid-friendly disinfectant solution (by Chicco or Clorox), is used to thoroughly sanitize the toys. Finally, toys are blow-dried, shrink-wrapped, and packed.

    Wooden toys are directly cleaned using a wipe soaked in the disinfectant solution. Wood possesses natural antibacterial properties; hence they are safer and do not need steam cleaning.

  • I received not-so-clean toys. What can I do?

    In case of such a black swan event, contact us within 12 hours of receiving the toy. We will immediately schedule a return pickup and refund 100% of the paid amount.

  • Pricing

  • What are your membership plans and pricing?

    Rentoys is purely on a pay-per-use basis. Unlike other toy rental companies, we do not charge any registration or monthly subscription fee.

    The pricing of every toy is different and varies by MRP, size, and weight of the toy. The break-up of pricing is as follows:

    1. Rental: Total rental amount for a toy that we charge depending on the rental duration. This is an all-inclusive price and includes shipping, pickup, and taxes.
    2. Refundable Deposit: Additional amount, completely refundable, that you pay at the time of placing an order. The sum of rental and deposit is always less than the toy MRP.

  • How is rental amount calculated?

    The base monthly rental for 30 days is displayed on each toy page. The total number of rental days are calculated as number of days between the delivery date and the date on which you place the return request, excluding the delivery date.

    The following table summarizes the total rental that you will be required to pay:

    # of rental days Rental amount
    1-14 75% of monthly rental
    15-21 90% of monthly rental
    22-30 100% of monthly rental
    30+x (100+3x)% of monthly rental

  • How will I get the deposit back?

    Once your returned toy is received and inspected, we will send you an email to notify that we have received your toy. We will also notify the condition of the toy and the amount of your refund.

    If the returned toy has no missing pieces and is in good condition (only regular wear and tear), we will refund your deposit after adjusting for any additional dues because of rental beyond 30 days. The credit will automatically be applied to your credit card or original method of payment within 5-7 working days.

  • What if my kid breaks the toy?

    In the event that a toy is returned to us with damaged pieces, we will charge only for the repairs if there is no indication of water damage or intentional damage such as, including but not limited to, burning, drilling, or cutting. Let us know as soon as the toy breaks for us to evaluate the damages.

    If we find proof of intentional damage, 100% of your refundable deposit will be forfeited and no refund will be issued

  • What if my kid misplaces any toy piece?

    In the event that a toy is returned to us with missing pieces, you will receive an email notice and we will wait 15 days for you to locate and return the missing pieces. You shall be liable to bear the return shipping cost of the missing pieces. In the event that the pieces are not located even after 15 days, 100% of your refundable deposit will be forfeited and no refund will be issued.

  • Payment

  • How do I make payment?

    We accept payment through:
    1. Major credit/debit cards
    2. Netbanking from 50+ Indian banks
    3. Mobile wallets: Jio Money, Freecharge, Airtel Money, Ola Money, PayUMoney, Payzapp, and Mobikwik
    4. UPI: You will receive a collect request from razorpay@icici in the UPI app you used to create your VPA
    5. Cash on Delivery

    Click here to check out the demo of our payment options

  • How do I get discount from a coupon I received in mail?

    Coupons can be applied either on the cart page or on the checkout page on our website.

    For a valid coupon, a Re 1/- discount per toy will be applied at the time of placing order. Applicable discounts for the coupon code will only be adjusted at the time of deposit refund.

  • Payment was made/debited from my account but I didn't receive any order confirmation

    If the order fails for some reason and the amount gets debited from your card/bank, you need not worry because we do not capture the payment until we ship the order. The amount only gets blocked and would get auto-refunded if we don't ship within 3 days.

    We recommend you contact us immediately and we will investigate the exact status of the payment.

  • Shipping

  • Where in India do you deliver?

    We deliver toys all over India.

  • How will I receive the order?

    We will dispatch your order within a day via national e-commerce logistic companies e.g. Delhivery, Xpressbess etc. It generally takes 3-4 days for metro cities and 4-7 days for non-metro cities.

  • How can I track the order?

    We will send you an email notification mentioning the tracking number as soon as we ship the order. You can track the order either by click the tracking link on your Rentoys account dashboard or directly on the courier company's website using the tracking number mentioned in the email.

  • What should I do if I entered an incorrect address?

    Contact us immediately. If we haven't shipped the order by then, we will update the address at no extra charge.

    However, if we have already shipped by then, we will deduct Rs. 250/- from the deposit. In this case it may take longer than expected to receive the order.

    Please note that the account holder is responsible for any toys delivered to an address on file and ensuring that the toy is returned back to us or will be liable for the full price of the toy.

  • Return

  • Do I need to remember when to return?

    Don't worry about remembering when to return. We will send you email notifications within 15, 21, and 30 days of placing the order. We will also call you at the end of 30 days in case we haven't received any return request by then. You will pay extra rental only and only if you want to keep the toy for more than a month.

  • How can I place the return request?

    Login to your Rentoys account >> Go to 'My Orders' >> Click on 'Return' button for the order you wish to place the return request.

  • How soon will the toys be picked up after the return request?

    Typically, toys get picked up the next day of placing the return request. However, in some cases it might take 2-3 days for the courier company to pick up the order.

  • What if I am not available at the scheduled time of pickup?

    Courier company will notify you of the scheduled pickup time and ways in which you can request any changes. You can then select a time convenient for you.

  • Do I have to clean the toys before returning?

    We request you to clean the toys with a dry and clean cloth before you return.

  • Do I have to print the return label?

    No - if you are requesting pickup from the delivery address. You just have to make sure that you have included all the toy pieces and the user manual (if any).

  • How do I pack the toys for return?

    You are required to return the toys in the same box that they came in. Keep the whole packaging - box and bubble wrap - somewhere safe after receiving the toys.

    In case the box gets damaged for some reason, we request you to pack in some other box. However, you will be liable for any extra shipping cost because of change in box dimensions. The same will be deducted from your deposit.

  • Can I request pickup from a different address?

    Yes, you can. Let us know the pickup address immediately after placing the return request. However, in this case, you will have to print the shipping label (emailed by us) and paste it to the box.

  • General

  • Can I cancel the order after placing it?

    An order can be cancelled without any penalty or charges before the order has been dispatched by Rentoys. To cancel a placed order, contact us via any of the methods specified on our Contact us page and place a request to cancel the order. You will be refunded 100% of the paid amount and it will reflect in your credit card or original method of payment within 5-7 working days.

    For any cancellation request after the order has been dispatched, you will be charged for a minimum of 15 days of rental (75% of the monthly rental).

  • Can I keep the toys?

    Yes. Let us know your intent of keeping the toy via live chat or email, and we will share the price at which you can buy the toy. You will need to pay the differential if the deposit is not sufficient to cover the price of the toy.

  • What if I received a broken toy?

    In case of such a black swan event, contact us within 12 hours of receiving the toy. We will immediately schedule a return pickup and refund 100% of the paid amount.

    Any damages notified post 12 hours would be considered as damage at customer's side and the full cost of the toy would be charged to the customer.