Playfully Delicious for any recipe!

Cut and serve fruits..veggies to make every meal healthier

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

by Hape

The Playfully Delicious Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Set is a well loved kid selection, and for good reason.

This features 6 fruits and 6 vegetables along with a wooden toy knife to "cut" between the sturdy Velcro fasteners that secure the halves of the fruit.

Rent starts 849 for a box of toys worth Rs. 5,000/-

Watch Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in action

Helps promote creativity in the kitchen

This innovatively designed set encourages healthy food choices while incorporating imaginative role play and storytelling

Safe for little hands

Made from almost entirely all wood and natural materials, these are toys that parents can feel good about and kids will love

A sweet and healthy treat

Your child will be enchanted by their first culinary creations. Is the little chef ready to cook up creative recipes and surprise guests :)

Product Details


2-5 Years




Not required


2 Banana Pieces, 2 Apple Pieces
2 Orange Pieces, 2 Kiwi Pieces
2 Lemon Pieces, 2 Guava Pieces
2 Onion Pieces, 2 Tomato Pieces
2 Carrot Pieces, 2 Capsicum Pieces
1 Corn, 1 Green Onion, 1 Knife