Relive the Wonder of Jurassic World

Recreate exciting scenes from the jurassic world movie with the baby dinosaur figures

Gentle Giants Petting Zoo

by Lego

Little dinosaur fans will love to create endless role-play adventures as they visit the Jurassic World Gentle Giants Petting Zoo with this fun toddler Lego Duplo.

Help young children develop fine motor skills as they build and rebuild the baby dinosaur enclosure and help Gray Mitchell use his camera to snap pictures of the baby Triceratops as he stands on the swinging bridge, or the Diplodocus as he eats the vegetation.

But don't get too close—baby dinosaurs can still bite Includes a LEGO DUPLO Gray Mitchell figure plus 2 baby dinosaur figures.

Rent starts 849 for a box of toys worth Rs. 5,000/-

Watch Gentle Giants Petting Zoo in action

Toddlers learn through constructive, exploratory play!

Helps toddlers build fine motor skills and master construction skills.

Imagine, Build and Rebuild for Repeat Play

Mix up the bridge, fence, and palm tree to play out scenes from the movie.

Have roarrrsome fun with baby dinosaurs!!!

Pet and feed the baby triceratops and diplodocus with Gray. The little dinosaurs love to play on the swinging bridge and eat the colorful flowers.

Product Details


2-5 Years




Not required


20 Lego Blocks 1 Camera 1 People 2 Baby Dinosaurs