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Boxes full of creative toys that promote free-play!

Big Box

We will send you 3-5 toys every month such that the total MRP of the toys is between Rs. 10,000-Rs. 12,000.

Small Box

We will send you 2-3 toys every month such that the total MRP of the toys is between Rs. 5,000-Rs. 6,000.

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2. Add your favorite toys to your wishlist

You can browse through our online catalog on our app or on our website and add toys to your wishlist. We will then select a number of toys as per your selected plan and send you the list of toys for review. Once confirmed, we will ship the toys.

Your first box takes 7 days to reach you after subscription confirmation. Your next box arrives a month after the first box delivery.

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3. Play and Learn

Keep the box for full one month starting from the box delivery date. We recommend introducing one toy every week to your kid to maintain the excitement while giving your kid sufficient time to explore the toy.

Our toys are all open-ended and most of them don't come with any rulebook. Therefore, it is important to give enough time to your kid to play with one toy.

3. Play and Learn

4. Return and get a new box next month

We will send you a reminder a week before your month ends. If you wish to continue, you can confirm the toys, or skip the next month.

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