A complete game for a family

A modern twist to the classic Monopoly game with electronic banking unit

Monopoly E-banking Game

by Hasbro

The Monopoly Electronic Banking game is all about the money!

In this modern spin on the classic Monopoly game, you can collect rent instantly using the cool electronic banking unit and 4 color-coded bank cards. Buy every property you land on, build houses and hotels, and win it all!

Rent starts 849 for a box of toys worth Rs. 5,000/-

Use Cards, Not Cash

Choose your cool, colorful token, travel around the gameboard buying every property you land on, and rent with an easy swipe

Highly intelligent bank

It can keep track of transactions perfectly, making your game hassle-free and even more enjoyable

Fun for the whole family

Take the game to a get-together or a family night and see how everyone enjoys it as much as you do!!!

Product Details


6-12 Years




Requires 2 AAA
Included in the box


1 Gameboard
28 Title Deed Cards
16 Chance Cards
16 Community Chest Cards
32 Houses
12 Hotels
4 Tokens
2 Dice
1 Electronic Banking Unit
4 Electronic Banking Cards