Grab the hammer, strike the balls and watch them go!

Watch the amazement as the child strike the balls with hammer and enjoys the soothing sound of xylophone

Musical Hammer Ball Bench

by Rentoys Originals

Strick the ball with hammer and Zoop...the Ball Will Automatically Roll Out Of The Box playing a soothing music on the Xylophone. Each set features 3 multicolored balls and a handy hammer. Child can play with the detachable Xylophone as it comes a wooden stick to play the music. Perfect for encouraging your child to recognize and match the colors, strike the ball and exercise wrist strength with the hammer.

- For children aged 2+

Rent starts 849 for a box of toys worth Rs. 5,000/-

Musical learning fun

Teach hand eye coordination and cause n effect concept with musical fun.

Colorful bright pieces

Made from high quality birch and pine wood. Child-safe non-toxic color

Rock and roll with Xylophone!!!

Tap tap tap and roll the musical enagement with your child

Product Details


1.5-3 Years




Not required


1 Bench
1 Xylophone
1 Hammer
3 Balls