Party time!!! Cake time!!!

Role-play a celebration for any occasion with this amazing array of colourful cakes

My First Celebration Lego

by Lego

Create colorful cakes for any kind of party with LEGO DUPLO My First Celebration.

Have fun with your preschooler as they build 3 individual cakes and a big layer cake! Toddlers will love to put the candles and decorations on top, then split the big cake into 4 pieces and share with family or friends as they learn about different occasions and how we celebrate them.

Rent starts 849 for a box of toys worth Rs. 5,000/-

Watch My First Celebration Lego in action

Create colorful cakes for a party

Create and learn through constructive, engaging play. Teach sharing by giving a piece to everyone

Mix and match

Features a large layer cake and three individual cakes. Plus candles and cake toppings.

Build together and create colorful dessert

Throw a Lego Duplo celebration with buildable cakes and learn about sharing & celebrations :) :)

Product Details


1.5-3 Years


41 Pieces


Not required


41 Blocks