Say hello to your Squirrel friend!!!

Feed the hungry squirrel treats to explore counting, colors and early math concepts.

Number Crunchin Squirrel

by Leapfrog

Explore counting, colours, food names and early maths concepts with this fun squirrel friend. Feed up to 10 coins to your hungry squirrel then pull down his tail to launch out coins and empty the bank. Press his light-up nose and he will ask questions to test colour knowledge, listening and early maths skills. Touch the acorn button to hear 4 upbeat learning songs.

The Number Crunchin’ Squirrel offers a number of fun activities to build early concepts around numbers and sums. The squirrel challenges your child to count along and feed it different combinations of squirrel treats to make different sums. Playing with numbers in these fun ways can foster early math awareness and build math skills.

Rent starts 849 for a box of toys worth Rs. 5,000/-

Watch Number Crunchin Squirrel in action

Acorn music button

Press to hear three learning songs about colors, numbers and food.

Light-up nose button

Press to hear what the squirrel wants to eat and practice counting.

10 squirrel treats

Feed the squirrel different color and size fruit treats to hear numbers, colors and fruit names.

Product Details


1.5-3 Years




Not required


1 Squirrel
10 Coins