Smart Wheels Racing Runway Airplane

Up, Up and Away, 1 - 2 - 3, Come Fly Away with Alex Airplane

Racing Runway Airplane

by V Tech

Take flight with the cargo plane and his sidekick, Alex the airplane and travel the world. Open the front of the Cargo Plane for an exciting surprise: a ramp that unfolds to create a runway to launch Alex, the Airplane and other Go! Go! Smart Wheels vehicles.
Let your imagination take flight by placing the small Airplane on the two SmartPoint locations. Each location features a different surprise by triggering unique phrases and music.

Rent starts 849 for a box of toys worth Rs. 5,000/-

Watch Racing Runway Airplane in action

Big Cargo Airplane

Load up the Cargo Plane with vehicles and take them for a ride. When arriving at the destination, open up the Cargo Plane and transform it into a runway ramp so the little Airplane can take flight too.

Cute Little Airplane

Bring Alex the Airplane to life and hear exciting phrases, three sing-along songs by pressing his light-up button or placing him on SmartPoint locations.

Buttons, Gears and Sliders

Spin the gears, slide the bead and press the nose button for a delightful squeaking sound while flying around on adventures.

Product Details


6mo-2 Years




Requires 2 AAA
Included in the box


1 Cargo Airplane
1 Small Airplane