With logic and critical thinking help clear the traffic

Honk honk its gridlock and the little red car can't move

Rush Hour

by Thinkfun

The player is a traffic cop in the rush hour traffic jam puzzle where the objective is to get the red car off the road.

To play, pick one of 40 challenge cards solutions are printed on the back of each card. Then set up the cars and buses in a specified pattern on the 6 - inch-square road grid. Move the vehicles one by one (obey those traffic laws) until the red car can escape the traffic jam.

Rent starts 849 for a box of toys worth Rs. 5,000/-

Watch Rush Hour in action

Improve critical thinking

Sharpens sequential reasoning and planning skills.

Award winning game

Let kid progress at their own pace

Easy-to-understand rulebook, plenty of graphic examples that illustrate the rules and strategies

Addictively fun challenge that exercises your brain

But what's hard to figure is how something as tormenting as traffic jams could be made into such a terrific thinking and strategizing puzzler for kids and adults.

Product Details


8-12 Years




Not required


15 Blocking Cars and Trucks
1 Red Escape car
1 traffic grid game board