Trix Tracks Magic Switcher

Where is the red ball? Send in the red ball but it comes out as blue! Magic switcher will trigger kid’s curiosity!

Trix Tracks Magic Switcher

by Wonderworld

Creative Gravity Play! The Trix Track Magic Switcher is more than a classic wooden ball run with fun and exciting eye-catching tricks and an easy locking system that keeps your creations stable while you build your maze. With the Trix Track Magic Switcher you can build a fun ball maze with this multi-piece wooden ball run track.

The Trix Track Magic Switcher set includes many eye-catching tricks including the famous Magic Switcher trick where one color ball rolls in but a different color ball rolls out!

Rent starts 849 for a box of toys worth Rs. 5,000/-

Watch Trix Tracks Magic Switcher in action

Learning takeaways!

Perfect for honing motor and visual-spatial skills and developing creative thinking

Eco-Friendly toy

Made from sustainable rubberwood and strictly using Non-Toxic Paints, Dyes and Lacquers and Formaldehyde Free Glue

With your imagination there are endless configuration possibilities!

Using lovely bright colours and an easy locking system for stability, these wooden sets are a great choice for younger children.

Product Details


3-6 Years




Not required


61 pieces
2 balls