On your mark, get, set..Tumble

Get critical thinking skills rolling!

Tumble Trax

by Learning Resources

Using 14 squiggly, straight, and curved magnetic tracks, kids get to experiment with physics and engineering as they build and rebuild their own zig-zagging marble runs.

Drop the marble onto the highest point and watch as it rolls, drops, clicks, clacks, and accelerates.

But - Will it land in the goal?

Rent starts 849 for a box of toys worth Rs. 5,000/-

Watch Tumble Trax in action

A thrill to explore how the marble can roll

With these tracks and your imagination, the possibilities are endless - Roooolllll, CLUNK! - Oh no! It bounced past the goal!

Award-winning toy

Brain-boosting fun!

Follow 10 challenge cards or try inventing your own tracks. Tumble Trax is your prime destination for hairpin turns, dizzying drops, and furious speeds!

Loaded with educational benefits

Discover the creative thrill of physics and engineering with the Tumble Trax Magnetic Marble Run - All you need is a magnetic surface and your active imagination!

Product Details


5-12 Years




Not required


14 Magnetic Tracks
2 Marbles
1 Goal