Tap! Twist! Spell!

Spin, tap and twist to learn letters and build 100+ words!

Word Whammer

by Leapfrog

With 3 action-packed games and 5 learning levels that adapt as children play, the Word Whammer gets kids busy developing phonics skills as they spin, push and twist the handles to identify letters and build words.

Rent starts 849 for a box of toys worth Rs. 5,000/-

Watch Word Whammer in action

Gets phonics skills moving

Match upper and lowercase letters by spinning the handle to bump a car into the correct answer. Listen for a letter sound, then twist the handle fast to spin the teacup into the letter that makes that sound.

Kindergarten prep with a twist

5 learning levels progress from beginner to advanced to help kids get ready for school

Prepare kids in a fun and active way

The learning adapts automatically as children play, keeping them challenged, motivated and having fun as they progress through 5 levels

Product Details


4-6 Years




Requires 3 AAA
Included in the box


1 Word Whammer