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How Rentoys is different than Kids Activity Subscription Boxes

Kids activity subscription boxes are a great tool to keep kids off TV. Today, the market is filled with a wide range of these kids activity boxes ranging from STEM, and Craft to Curriculum based activity boxes. Then, there are kids play boxes such as Rentoys. So, it is inevitable for a parent to weigh the pros and cons of each option before deciding upon what option works best for him/her.

To help you get a better understanding, we have done a feature comparison between Rentoys and other activity boxes to give you valid reasons on why you should choose Rentoys.

Activity Boxes Rentoys
Age group Specific to one age group. If you have two kids, then you have to subscribe to two boxes. Select from a wide range of toys and books picking something for everyone in one box – Logic building games/STEM toys for kids aged 5+, Legos, Wooden, Montessori toys for kids aged 2-5, and board books for infants.
Selection Get what the company wants you to receive Get toys and books of your choice
Engagement One box lasts for few hours (<10), then you have to wait for an entire month to get another one Our selection of open-ended toys ensure that kids play with the toys in countless ways. Hence, one box lasts for a month and not hours.
Clutter Each box adds more and more clutter to your house – the box, packaging material, leftover material or even the activity itself. We collect everything back (including bubble wraps/air packs) leaving your house clutter-free

If you are thinking of engaging your kids in a meaningful way while ensuring an age-appropriate skill development, have a look at our toy collection.

With uncertaintly around lockdowns across country, we have stopped taking new subscriptions until further notice.

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