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Launching Rentoys Originals Wooden Toys

For the past 2 years, we have been curating the best open-ended toys from all the best brands all around the world. Since most of the open-ended toys are wooden only with the exception of MagnaTilesLego, and few other plastic toys, our collection comprises mostly of the best wooden toy brands such as Plan ToysHaba, Hape, Guidecraft, Melissa & Doug, Wonderworld. When we were scouting for more toys, we realized there are so many wooden toys that are sold only in the local European markets and not even available online to purchase.  These are unbranded toys of very high quality wood, great finish, and amazing play experience.

So, we picked up these toys and added to our collection under one umbrella – Rentoys Originals. You will see more of such toys in the near future as we continue to scout for the best toys even if unbranded.

Rentoys oRiginals

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