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starts ₹1,499 per month

Get educational toys worth at least ₹10,000 in one box

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many toys do I get in one box?

You can add your favorite toys to your wishlist and we will send you 2-5 toys from that list such that the total market value of the toys is at least ₹10,000. On an average, we have been shipping 4-5 toys per box.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver all over India. We have tied up with national courier companies to deliver and pickup. So, if you can receive an Amazon, Flipkart order at your address, you can receive Rentoys Box as well.

Do I have to pay anything extra -- shipping or taxes?

The price mentioned above is an all-inclusive price. You don't need to pay anything extra.

Is there any security deposit?

You will have to deposit ₹1,799 as security deposit. It is 100% refundable when you cancel your subscription.

What if my child breaks any toy?

If a toy breaks under normal use, we will not charge you anything given that you have returned all the pieces, including the broken ones. Any intentional damages such as knife cuts, burn marks, water damage will be subject to charges up to the market price of the toy.

What if I miss any piece?

In case of missing pieces, we will try to charge you for only the missing pieces. For some toys, pieces are not available individually, so you will have to pay as per the table below:
Upto 5% pieces missing - ₹500
Upto 10% pieces missing - ₹1000
More than 10% pieces missing - Discounted Market Price of the toy

How do I pay?

You will need an Indian credit cart to activate your subscription only once. We will save you from the hassle of making payment every month and charge your card automatically.

When will I receive the box?

Your first box will arrive within 7 days of activating your subscription. Your next box will arrive a month later. Please note that delivery and pickup companies are different. Your previous month's box will be picked up within 2 days of next month's box delivery.

How can I cancel subscription?

Simply inform us via any method -- call, sms, whatsapp, email, or live chat -- and we will cancel your subscription and stop charging your card. You can also skip any particular month if you are temporarily out of town.

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