Stay Home, Stay Positive

 Hope you and your family are safe and indoors.

21 Days Lockdown!!! We understand that this is huge and can be terrifying and disturbing for a lot of you.

At Rentoys, we were hopeful of restarting operations by 31st March but the gravity of the situation was serious enough to go for a Complete lockdown of 21 days. With no house help around, zero online deliveries and minimum supplies,  none of us were prepared for this Pandemic.


I am not here to talk about how to keep your child engaged or how to schedule their daily routine.  I know that every mom knows what’s best for her child. At a time like this when we ourselves need to learn how to cope up with the situation, run the show at home without our maids, have to be productive and learn to deal with all the negative news around, our mental health is challenged. So let me share with you a few pointers that may help you make this lockdown a bit smoother. 

1. Restrict yourself from reading or watching News about COVID-19–  Some of the things that you read can make you anxious. Since we are all trying to digest this situation, the anxiety can stress you out and turn you negative,  which in turn will affect how you respond to your child. Glance through the news once every morning to remain updated and keep yourselves occupied with work for the rest of the day.

2. Go easy with kids –Yes, you are the best mom for your child but things are a little different now. They are at home the whole day and need your full attention and care. So, rather than planning on that perfect schedule for your child, just follow their rhythm. If they don’t show interest in your planned activity today, they may engage in the same tomorrow. Trying to achieve a lot for our children could be more stressful.

3.Stressless about your child’s academics –Our education system has already worked upon this thing. It’s not your job to engage them all day. Let them be at home without any instructions, without any homework. Will they cope with the other kids in their next session???-Yes!!!  Lets first focus together on learning this important life skill and excel with good scores.

4.Share the load-Chores + kids at home + Office work = Mental and Physical stress. Of course, you are a super mom but assign daily chores to each family member(even the younger kids too) and if everything gets too overwhelming, skip a few chores and leave them for another day.

5. Prepare simple meals –  Special meals are for special days and lockdown isn’t a special period. It is definitely not the time to pamper your child with their favorite meals. Plan simple, healthy meals with your family well in advance which need minimum requirements so that neither do you panic about groceries nor the whole cooking thing makes you fall apart. Try to go low waste as well.

6. Connect with Family-Don’t consider yourself alone in this battle- Your family is your best team. Let off your steam by connecting with your family and friends over a call or perhaps a group video call.

7. And lastly, Avoid hoarding supplies-Being prepared does not mean stockpiling. A maximum of two-week supplies is good and even during the lockdown , all basic supplies outlets will have enough stock to sail you through.    

You are the captain of your ship called HOME and the captain has to stay positive and strong. Let’s relish this quiet time, make stronger connections with our children and MOST IMPORTANTLY, our inner selves. 

Who said we can’t create memories just being indoors at home with our family? 

This too shall pass soon. 

Dolly Gupta,

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