Top Ten Toy Recommendations for Kindergartners

Age: 3-5 yrs

As a 3 yr old moves from babyhood to childhood and becomes ready for school, he starts getting involved in active play outdoors as their body is growing fast and their bones are getting strong. make sure to give children lots of freedom for physical activities like swimming, riding a cycle, ball play, etc.

Along with outdoor play, as parents you need to boost their creative and imaginative skills as well. Your child has a rich imagination, so make sure you expose them to open-ended toys and see the magic of play. Their cognitive and social skill needs to be properly guided so they can become future thinkers.

Here are a few toy suggestions for your 3-5 yr old:     

1. MagnaTiles by Valtech

Very popular and engaging open-ended toy, MagnaTiles is sure to wing every child’s imagination. From learning shapes to building structures, it is unlimited what a child can do with these colorful tiles.

2. Dado Cubes by Fat Brain

Encourage the little architect in your child as they build cool 3-D structures. Sides of each cube are slit to interlock the pieces to build high towers, bridges or tunnels. Kids enjoy sorting the pieces by sizes and colors and also encourages fine motor skills and visual perception.

3. Pengoloo by Blue Orange

Play simple games with turns and rules so your child starts to learn about cooperation and play along. Pengoloo develops color recognition and strategy making skills in children.



4. Better Builder Set by Guidecraft

Let your child learn about magnetism as they create 2D, 3D models and awesome designs with this open-ended toy. It helps kids develop their creative skills and learning principles of STEM.

5. Magnatabs by Kid O         

Improve your child’s handgrip and encourage them to learn how to write with various versions of Magnatab. It also helps in brain development and encourages problem-solving skills.





6. Letter Construction Activity by Learning Resources

Involve your child in fun activity with challenge cards to improve their problem-solving skills as they learn with this set. A child can build Uppercase and Lowercase letters with this set.



7. Creative Lacing Board by Plan Toys

Enhance creativity and imagination as your child get busy with creating designs with concentration using this lacing set. With different assorted shapes, kids can build many stories on their own.

8. Count Along Till by Leapfrog 

Explore how to pretend play can help a child to manage their thoughts, actions, and emotions while learning through play. Stock up on counting skills and role-play fun.

9. Alphabet Puzzle by Melissa n Doug

Challenge your child to solve simple floor puzzles with little guidance to instill a sense of accomplishment. This helps in learning correct alphabetical order and also focuses on developing Hand-Eye Co-ordination.


 10. Number Lovin Oven by Leapfrog

Enjoy little party time with pizzas and cupcakes with little chefs as they invite to join their pretend play. This delightful singing oven warms up counting, sharing and vocabulary skills.






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