Top Ten Toy Recommendations for Pre-Schoolers

Age- 2-3yrs

Your child is now developing his/her personality at this age. They are starting to think about new ways, learn new skills, find a new technique to solve a problem and show their independence.

Now as they are beginning to talk into sentences and sometimes say things with confidence and fun, it’s time to channelize their learning. You should look out for correct toys that help them learn multiple skills while playing. Encourage your child in their attempts to explore the world in a playful way.

Here are our top suggestions for your preschooler child:

 1. Duck Stacker by Janod

Develop hand-eye coordination while teaching colors and numbers as your child stack the blocks. This toy challenges your child to place all discs in order and teaches the needful concepts of early learning.





2. Alphapops by Learning Resources

The coolest way to learn and practice the alphabet with color and alphabet matching. Play popsicles reinforce uppercase and lowercase letter recognition.


3. Eggspressions by Hape

Teach your child to express their feelings and speak out with fun story guided toy. Kids can identify and re-enact their feelings and it will improve their communication skills. It comes with six common emotions: afraid, angry, excited, happy, sad, and shy.

4. 2 in 1 Leaptop by Leapfrog


Pretend play becomes an essential part as your child learn new things around. A Laptop is sure a fun way to teach 123 and ABC. Alphabet and early vocabulary learning are reinforced with every tap of a letter as children play on a laptop.


5. Stacking Rainbow Pyramid by Guidecraft

Explore new ways of imaginative play with these colorful stacking blocks. Children can create different designs by placing the squared blocks and will enjoy mixing the colors by placing the glass on one another.



6. Color Flutter Butterfly Maze by Hape

With this toy, improve concentration and focus in your child along with hand grip. Use of magnetic wand to coax marbles into butterfly encourage the development of logical and problem-solving skills.


7. Barnyard Activity Box by Guidecraft

Enjoy beautiful pretend play while matching n counting farm animals in each barn. Children can learn to memorize and read words too.



8. Mix n Match Vehicles Set by Popular Playthings

  Let Your child imagine and build his/her own vehicle with this cool magnetic toy. The feature of snapping pieces together, again and again, encourages learning through play.



9. Blender Set With Fruits by Brainsmith

Enjoy fruit cutting and making smoothies while developing fine motor and social skills in your child. It encourages imaginative play, social interaction with friends and promotes healthy eating.

10. My First Number Train lego Set 

Help your child learn to follow directions and build structures with Lego Duplo in a playful way. Develop mathematical skills and creating a train will surely engage kids for hours.







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