Top Ten Toy Recommendations for Toddlers

Age Group: 1-2 Yrs

In a child, lots of changes happen between 1 and 2 yrs. Your baby is now on the move and discovering the world around. From physical to language to social skills, your child is now responding fast and trying to learn new things quickly.

Engage them to toys that attach together, or stack or a push-pull one which can scoot along with them around the house. Your child is learning to speak different names as well so musical toys with rhymes or alphabets can be a big hit too.

Here are few toy suggestions for your 1 to 2 yr old:

1. Grippies Builder toy by Guidecraft

Introduce sensory skills with open-ended play with this STEM magnetic toy. It gives exploratory fun and push kids to expand their imagination and build new structures.

2. Pound n Tap Bench by Hape

Encourage musical exploration while teaching cause n effect to your child. Teach little ones to name the colours and match them to the sounds they make for more learning fun.

3. Runway Airplane by VTech

Enjoy endless hours of musical fun while your little red plane takes off and lands.  The airplane character is fun to play with lights, sounds, and phrases that enhance imaginative play and offer some educational benefits.






4. SpinAgain by Fat Brain

Instill a sense of wonder as your child watch colorful discs in flower and gear shape twirl and spin while building. A visually stimulating and fun toy that is sure to keep your little ones entertained as they practice their hand-eye coordination and building skills.

5. Pyramid of Play by Hape

Stacking… Nesting… Inserting are the most favorite thing your child enjoys at this age. It helps in practicing comparative concepts such as bigger/smaller and taller/shorter. Children learn counting, color recognition, eye-hand coordination, and cooperative play while having fun!

6. Alphapup by Leapfrog

Help them learn alphabets with their adorable puppy as they walk around. AlphaPup is the perfect learning companion, singing the ABCs as he wobbles along behind your child.

7. Beehive by Plan Toys

Improve your child’s focus and concentration as they match bees to their hives. It is a fantastic toy to reinforce color recognition and counting.

8. 4 in 1 Activity Box by Rentoys

Four activities combined into one!! Introduce numbers, shape, colors, musical notes and more with this activity box which comes with lacing too.



9. Shimmer Blocks by Guidecraft

Introduce colors and their sensory skills. Perfect for light table activities and to develop strong motor skills and even resilience as they experiment with building, knocking blocks over, and building again!



10. Step n Learn Scout by Leapfrog

Let your little one get on their feet and enjoy pushing and singing with their scout pal. It comes with three play modes and children can explore letters, numbers or animal sounds.


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