Top Ten Toy Recommendations for Babies

Age: 6mos-1yr

Babies at this age start crawling around the house, babbling a few words or even trying to balance their bodies with the help of support. They can now sit steadily for a longer time. So, give your child opportunities to strengthen their new physical skills by providing toys with bright colors that catch their attention and help them engage for a longer time. Let them strengthen legs and movement of their fingers while developing fine motor and gross motor skills.

A companion while crawling, a musical toy while sitting, a rattle or activity box during tummy time or an activity table while learning how to stand are very important ways where the right toy can help them learn new skills perfectly.

Here are a few toy suggestions for your 1yr old :

1.Tobbles Neo By Fat Brain

Includes 6 vibrant, weighted spheres & stacking base. Explore stacking,toppling, spinning, balancing, wobbling, tilting,and wiggling with this attractive toy!

The easy-to-use toy encourages imaginative play and develops hand and eye coordination. Children have fun figuring out how to stack these on top of one another.

2. Double Bubble By Hape

      Helps develop focus and hand-eye coordination and help to develop visual  tracking.

      Race round and round the mountain with this endless bead and wire maze. This is a great Montessori teaching toy and  homeschooling.

 3. Feelings Monster By  Fisher- Price

Introduce different emotions to your child with a little monster friend.

This has three common feelings (happy, sad and surprised) with fun sounds that help little ones more fully understand the mood. This adorable monster friend offers tons of sensory stimulation to excite and engage baby’s developing senses.

This toy doesn’t just offer entertainment but also encourages your children to practice their listening skills.

4. Wooden Music Box By Brainsmith



Enjoy tummy time with different activities on each side of this musical wooden set. Activities include peek-auditory-boo animals,mouse slider peg, spin around bears with music and frog gears. This musical box specifically enhances a child’s sensory pathways. Its heirloom-quality music creates a unique and memorable play experience for the child.

 5. Happy Engine By Plan Toys

Introduce cause n effect and motion to your child with this crawling champion. It consists of 3 carriages that can be played individually or together.

 Designed for little hands to hold and pull along behind them, this toy is ideal for the new walker.


 6. Walk-Along Snail By Hape

Develop fine motor skills and introduce shapes with this push-pull toy.  The snail carries three brightly colored shaped blocks in its shell.

 This toy encourages movement with its short string that’s perfect for older infants who still spend time lower to the ground.



7. Activity box By Brainsmith

It is never too early to teach & learn. This playing cube introduce colors and fruits and engage your child to sit for longer with different activities on each side.

Activities from this toy include color and shape recognition with other tools to assist your child’s learning.



8. Penguin Wobbler By Hape

Experience music and delight in the penguin’s soothing funny waddle.

With its creative design young children will be delighted with the sound and movement they can create from pushing at the toy.





9. Hape Shake and Match Sorter

Perfectly designed for the little hand to grab and sort the blocks and learn about different shapes.

Giving the shaking beads fun in the block, this shape sorter definetly is perfect for that early learning

and find motor

skills that the child needs.



10. Hape Rotating Music Box

With soothing music and Changing colors, Hape Rotating Music Box  surely

becomes childrens favorite for both sleeping and playing. It helps in developing gross motor skills

by encouraging chase and crawl actions.





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