Why as a conscious parents, one should think twice before buying a plastic toy

By Dolly Gupta, Co-founder Rentoys.in

So many people talk about reducing the use of polythene bags, bottles, straws, or any other single-use plastic, but hardly anyone talk about the plastic toys.

Plastic toys, which tend to be inexpensive and vibrantly-colored, account for 90 percent of the toy market of which 80% end up in landfills or in the ocean. And while they pose the same risks as any other plastic item, these cheap playthings often have very short life spans and are hardly recyclable. NEARLY ONE IN THREE PARENTS ADMIT TO THROWING AWAY TOYS THAT ARE STILL IN PERFECT CONDITION-– and that 66% of the nation’s toys are plastic.

As an alternative, buying wooden toys is a great choice as they are eco-friendly and encourage open-ended play. Now, avoiding plastic toys altogether may not be possible as few of them like Legos are really great for a child’s development. In that case, purchase high-quality ones which can be passed on to other kids once your child outgrow them.
Rentoys is here to help conscious parents take baby steps towards plastic-free lifestyle while providing playful experience to your child…that too without any toy clutter. Sounds interesting??? Give us a try!!!

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